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Working towards a sustainable form of living together does not only concern the residents of W 1555, but will also have consequences for our immediate surroundings. With an inclusive attitude, we aim to involve the various communities in Charlois and Rotterdam South in our activities.


Association W 1555 wants to show that it is possible to live and work together in a different way. That individual residents can be active participants in shaping their own living environment, and that each person is an important actor in the functioning of a healthy community. We believe in the power of community, and are convinced that thanks to our involvement with the environment and with each other, we can contribute to the development of a sustainable, inspiring and liveable community. This makes us a leading example for other communities throughout the Netherlands.


Our vision and goals focus on art, education and culture in all its diversity. Our activities include: educational activities, such as art education, workshops, and skills sharing; artistic activities, such as exhibitions, performances, film screenings, and art sales; and cultural activities consisting of daily exchanges between local residents, an open kitchen, and, for example, street parties or flea markets. Below are some photos of our artistic and social past activities, our portfolio:



Open kitchen



Movie nights



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